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About 2B Claim Services

Our Commitment To You

Plus 1 Service

Through technology and training, we constantly enhance and upgrade our operating capabilities. All losses are immediately assigned to an adjuster. Contact within 24 hours is mandatory, and a 48 hour inspection is expected if conditions permit. Before being submitted to the carrier, every loss is examined by quality review staff with years of adjustment experience. The file is reviewed for timeliness of insured contact and inspection, accuracy of coverage interpretation and damage assessment.

Customer service and prompt response to our client and your customer is a priority for us at 2B Claim Services.
Our commitment to customer service is a philosophy, motivating and driving our company to surpass expectations. This principle underscores every facet of the claim process. We understand a critical component of a successful program is the efficient and economical resolution of claims. This directly correlates to our effectiveness of as your claim administrator. We monitor and maintain stringent controls on fees and evaluation accuracy, partnering with you on your overall profitability.
Start Working With Us Today! Phone: (866) 976-6616 Email: reports@2Bclaimservices.com