2b Claim Services | Quality Control Team
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Quality Control Team

Quality Control Team

Quality Control provides several benefits to a prospective or current client. It allows us to identify and focus in on adjusters areas for improvement in relation to coverage, liability and overall file handling.

Our adjusters are provided Rejection reports on both a mid-month and end of month basis that lays out these areas for improvement so they do not reoccur. Our QC department will work with Adjusters on a one-on-one or group basis to improve and enhance claims handling. Perhaps the greatest benefit of our QC department is the second layer of review it enables so errors/omissions are caught before the check goes out the door and helps to prevent lost or misplaced loss payments so our insureds and claimants are satisfied with the entire claims process.

Measurable Benefits

  • Elimination of processing errors
  • Improved Cycle Time
  • Consistent Claim File Contents
  • Designed to your specifications
    and internal processes
  • Reduced Claim Expense

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