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Richard P. Blake - President

Richard P. Blake is President and CEO at 2B Claim Services Inc. and has over 20 years of experience in the insurance claims industry working with claims technology and marketing claims services to the insurance industry.

Prior to forming 2B Claims Services, Richard was instrumental in growing the business of a national TPA firm by ten-fold and gained an intimate understanding of the claims function within insurers and third party claim operations that support them. He also marketed insurance technology solutions to the industry in the formative era of internet-based claims solutions and counted among his clients many top-100 insurers.

Richard’s work ethic and dedication to the study of claim functions and processes has carried over into the philosophy and culture of 2B Claims Services. Our operational structure and daily effort reflects his attitude of service, quality claim performance and reasonable pricing for exceptional claims management.

Give Richard a call @ 866-976-6616, to find out more.

Tom Dashel - Chief Claims Officer

Tom Dashel is Chief Claims Officer at 2B Claims Services and joined the Company in 2018 after spending over 30 years in a variety of technical, managerial and executive positions within the industry.

Tom began his career at SAFECO Insurance as a claims trainee and held several positions there including multi-line field adjuster, fast track BI adjuster, complex liability claim adjuster; property and liability supervisor and claims auditor.

He leveraged that experience into a branch manager’s position with a highly regarded northwest regional insurer that eventually led to the position of vice president of claims for that company.

Like Richard, Tom got the claims technology bug during the dot-com explosion and worked with two technology companies consulting on claims processes and the development of electronic claim tools. Richard and Tom collaborated on technology sales and successfully placed their products with insurance industry leaders.

Tom returned to the insurance industry at Berkshire Hathaway Home State Companies where he handled construction defect/contractor general liability and commercial auto losses, most recently gaining additional experience within a captive TPA he led to service commercial auto and other lines of business produced by an affiliated MGA.

You can reach Tom @ 480-568-7643

Our commitment to customer service is a philosophy, motivating and driving our company to surpass expectations. This principle underscores every facet of the claim process. We understand a critical component of a successful program is the efficient and economical resolution of claims. This directly correlates to our effectiveness of as your claim administrator. We monitor and maintain stringent controls on fees and evaluation accuracy, partnering with you on your overall profitability.
Start Working With Us Today! Phone: (866) 976-6616 Email: reports@2Bclaimservices.com